Hair extensions by NataLana In South Wales and South West England

About NataLana, methods, hair and techniques.

Who is NataLana?

NataLana is a mobile hair extensions service based in Chepstow and covering South Wales and South West England. NataLana was started by Natalia Smith, who is an experienced hair extensionist. She was originally based in Latvia and had a successful hair extension business in the capital. After receiving her degree in English, getting married and settling in the UK, Natalia Smith has launched a new hair extension business.

What application methods do we use?

NataLana’s aim is to provide the most natural look. Therefore we use different application methods and pick the one which is most suitable for your hair type and lifestyle. We use  the following methods: pre-bonded cold and hot fusion, micro rings, tape (skinweft). We prefer using pre-bonded cold and hot fusion, but we are open to discuss any other type if that’s more appropriate for your hair. To learn more read about different Types of Hair Extensions.

What hair do we use?

NataLana use So.Cap pre-tipped human remy hair extensions, made of 100% natural hair which comes from India and also European Remy hair extensions.   To find out more about different types of hair used for hair extensions, read our blog article:

Types of Hair used for Hair Extensions

NataLana uses only remy hair, which means the hair cuticle is kept intact and the hair is bundled so that the cuticles all lie in one direction. That way remy extensions are stronger, healthier and tangle free compared to non-remy hair.

Pre-tipped hair extensions are attached to the client’s hair with a keratin protein bond which is on the end of each strand of the extensions. The extension hair is removed using a delicate solvent. Keratin is a protein which forms skin, teeth, nails and also hair. Therefore, keratin glue is the best and harmless natural adhesive for human hair.

Hair extensions are re-usable and can last from 3-6 months, depending on how fast the hair grows and how well the client maintains the hair. NataLana provideshigh quality natural-look hair which can be permed and coloured.

What methods do we use?

Hair extensions are applied using a hot fusion method which, is also known as hair bonding. The hair extensions are bonded and applied strand by strand. Each bond contains keratin glue which softens under the heat and fuses to the natural hair. Keratin glue consists of keratin, which is the primary component of hair fibre. Therefore, keratin glue is the safest way to apply hair extensions without damaging your own hair.

NataLana also apply hair extensions using the ultrasonic cold fusion method. The process is the same as in hot fusion, except that the bonds weaken under the ultrasonic wave. According to many salons and hair extensionists, this method does not damage your hair, compared to the hot fusion method. However, to our mind none of the methods damage or in any way affect your hair negatively. On demand, the hair extensions can be applied using the cold fusion method for extra charge of £40, required because it takes more time.

Free consultation

Before applying hair extensions you will require a professional and individual consultation when the right type of extensions will be advised in order to achieve the desired look. During the consultation we will discuss your ideas, suggestions and concerns, as well as determine the length, colour and style that you want. The consultation will take about 40 minutes, but there is no time limit for questions and discussion. This is free of charge if arranged in Chepstow. The consultation is for free but travelling costs will apply.

If you decide to have hair extensions, a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required. This will secure your booking and allow us to order your extensions.

If we arrange a consultation and order the hair before noon on a business day, the hair extensions can be fitted the following afternoon, however, at least 2 days is preferred.

During the application NataLana will carry out the tensile strength test and skin test to ensure there is no potential reaction towards any products that are going to be used. A client will be checked for porosity prior the application of hair extensions.

Application and maintenance

The hair extensions will be fitted at your home on any day. Your hair will be washed with a special shampoo and dried before the application. It will take from 2 to 5 hours, depending on your hair thickness and style. During the process, we will discuss the maintenance and after care of your new extensions.

The extensions need to be looked after and maintained every 4-6 weeks. It is normal to lose some bonds and thickness during this period. During maintenance it will be ensured that there are no loose bonds and, if they require replacement, 10-15 old strands will be removed and new ones added.

At the first, a client’s hair will be trimmed to make sure it blends in with extensions well. If your hair is cut in a block chunky way, the ends will be feathered, thinned and razored to make sure the end result looks natural. After the application extensions will be styles and layers will be created to create a natural looking hair cut.

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After 3-6 months your hair extensions can be removed. During the removal process a special SO.CAP removal liquid will be used which will dissolve the bonds and allow the extensions to slip away easily. After that each strand will be combed. The removal will not damage your hair. After the removal, your hair will be washed. It is possible to apply new extensions after the removal and this can be done the same day. If you wish to remove the hair extensions yourself, the remover can be ordered and sent to your home address. The removal instructions can be provided free. But we do not recommend you removing extensions yourself.

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Aftercare products

It is strongly advised to use professional aftercare products to keep your hair extensions silky and smooth. You will at least need a hair extension shampoo and conditioner. Additional hair extension products can be used for intensive treatment.

You must not (should not) have hair extensions if…

  • You are receiving chemotherapy;
  • You are taking strong antibiotics or very strong hormonal medications;
  • You have vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • You are under 16, as at that age as hair is still weak, therefore the procedure can be harmful;
  • You have scalp eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, seborrhoea, acne;
  • You have any skin rash, bald patches, severe hair loss, hair fall, scalp see through, alopecia;
  • You have very sensitive scalp;
  • It is not advisable to have hair extensions if you are pregnant or for6 months after having a baby;
  • the first 4 cm of your hair from the root is not healthy and strong;
  • you have been advised by your medical advisor not to have extensions.